Branch of the Organisation:

If necessary branch of the organisation may be opened subject to approval of the Registration Authority.

a. Formation of Branch Committee and its Structure: As per constitution of the organisation where the branch will be opened branch committee will be formed with the persons with that area. The said branch committee will be comprised of 5 (five) members i.e. Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 members. Branch Committee will be approved and controlled by the central Committee and elected and run by the general committee.

b. Responsibility and advantages of Branch Committee: Branch Committee will implement programme as will be adopted by the General Committee and Central Committee. Branch Committee will remain responsible for all their activities to the General Committee and Central z Committee. Branch Committee will not be able to do any work without approval of the Central Committee. Branch Committee will enjoy all facilities given by the Central Committee.

c. Suspension of activities of Branches: Activity of Branch Committee may be stopped by the decision of the Central Committee. In this respect Branch Committee will have no responsibility. All responsibilities of stopping Branch Committee will be borne by the Central Committee. If Central Committee suspends activity of any branch then the same will have to be intimated to the Registration Authority within 30 (thirty) days mentioning the reason of suspension. Approved Sd/- Illegible 27.5.98 For Registration Authority Voluntary Organistion District Social Welfare Department