Projects Completed:

Ever since the formation of PRAN we boast the completion of 10 Projects in 10 months, involving a total of 4 districts, covering approximately 500 people. The categories and the number of respective projects are as follows-

Teaching “project-1” 

○The PRAN team assigned certain individuals on a week long teaching journey at the rohingya camp in Cox’s Bazar

Cloth distribution  “project-1”

○ By far this involved the largest organising group as the PRAN team recruited a large number of volunteers for this project as we intended to cover a huge
area in Dhaka

Food Distribution “project- Total 6”

○ Various food distribution projects have been organized in Dhaka as well as Munshi Ganj, involving local madrasas, rickshaw pullers and many of the underprivileged

Blanket distribution “winter project- 2” 

○ During the winter we have hosted two large blanket distribution events, one in Dhaka directly handled by the CEO of PRAN, and another in Comilla, where we assembled a volunteer team there from the local residents prior to the initiation of the project, who helped execute it on behalf of us.