Classification of Members:

This will be as follows:

a. Founder Member

b. General Member
c. Life Member

Eligibility of being Member:

a Founder Member: The members who will be signatories for establishment of this organisation they will be treated as Founder Member of the organisation.

b. General Member: Eligibility of general members will be done as per proposal in section eight as below.

c. Life Members: Any citizen of Bangladesh can be a life member after giving Tk. 5000/. (five thousand) at a time. Approved Sd/- Illegible 27.5.98 For Registration

Rules For Membership:

a. Only a Bangladeshi who is energetic can be member of this organisation.
b. Tk. 100/= (one hundred) as admission along with prescribed application form duly completed will have to be submitted to the Chairman/ Secretary General of the organisation.

c. Must follow the aims and objectives of the organisation.

d. Age of the members will not be less then 18 (eighteen) years and posses unitary sense and be creative.

e. Admission fee Tk. 1000= (one hundred) and monthly subscription Tk. 20/. (twenty) will have to be paid.

f. Secretary General will examine application of all kinds of members and will submit the same to the Executive Committee/ General Committee for approval and subject to approval will write name in the register of members.

g. Members must be associated with development work for minimum two years.

Rights and Facilities of Members:

Right of vote and power to participate in election will be reserved for all members except life members. Life members will be able to give advice for the greater interest of the organisation or will be able to work as member of Election Commission.