Projects Ongoing:

Our current project is by far our largest project which we intend to implement throughout Bangladesh. We are also the first NGO to initiate this type of project. The project has been innovated by our honorable CEO. It involved providing carts and capital to start a food cart business, to poor people throughout Bangladesh who are struggling to earn their livelihoods and do not have proper capital to start sustainable street businesses. We intend to cover 10000 people throughout Bangladesh by distributing 10000 carts to potential vendors, the scouting of which will be carried out by our sponsor Bangladesh Human Resource Development(BHRD), who will also provide a certain level of training to vendors so that they are able to succeed in the business. This project has already raised funds from institutions such as the Victoria University of Bangladesh, Global Finance and Capital Management Limited(GFCM), consecutively achieving a proposal from Islamic Finance and Invest Limited(IFIL) to implement it themselves in return of which, we would be honoured and recognized as the party that innovated the project. The proposal was accepted as we intend to benefit the economy in any way possible whether it is by us or anybody else. The project has also received recognition from Dr. Jafar Uddin, the former senior secretary of commerce, the former secretary of youth and sports and the current CEO of the Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute, who has complimented the project and personally inaugurated it on 1st September 2022. As of now PRAN marks the completion of the preparation of 3 carts already, while we move on to phase-2 of the project which involves our sponsor PHRD scouting and training potential vendors before official initiation of the project.